Geolitica represents a significant investment of over 70 research- years of PhD-level analysis, modeling and development. It has been tested and proven in dozens of departments of all sizes in multiple countries around the world.

Geolitica is a web-based “software-as-a-service” (SaaS) product. Our Data Relay software extracts a narrow set of raw data from our agency partners, encrypt it, and sends it to our platform for processing. We store and run all of our data on Microsoft Azure Government Cloud, a highly secure CJIS-approved operating environment designed for sensitive data. After we process the data, we deliver our analyses and reports via a secure web connection to web-connected devices (PCs, tablets, MDTs and smartphones). Access to specific Geolitica data and capabilities is controlled at the user login and user role level.

Geolitica does all the data storage and processing for our customers. After deployment, we do all the heavy lifting so there is no work required of your IT department. We have a set of automated tools that make it simple for new agencies to deploy. We have launched new customers in as little as 48 hours.


Geolitica data comes from up to three sources:

  • Records management systems (RMS) databases for crime data.
  • Computer assisted dispatch (CAD) databases for collision and selected public safety event data.
  • Automated vehicle location (AVL) databases for officer location data.
  • We use a small subset of data from each of these systems. With RMS and CAD data, we use only:

Patrol Heatmap Default 7 Day View

Unique event ID from the RMS or CAD:

  • Event type (burglary, collision, etc.)
  • Event location (address or latitude/longitude)
  • Event start date and time
  • Event ending date and time (used only when there is uncertainty about the even occurred, such as an overnight vehicle theft).

Event History