The Cost of Geolitica

The Economic Costs of Crime

Crime takes a toll on all of our communities. In addition to the personal and emotional costs of victimization, there is a substantial financial burden that must be managed as well. The annual direct cost of law enforcement in the United States is at over $350 billion. This figure includes police services, correctional facilities and judicial and court costs.

In terms of direct economic costs to victims, these are estimated to be $310 billion per year. This figure only includes Uniform Crime Reporting Part 1 crimes; the aggregate figure across all crime types is much higher. Together, these figures equal about 5% of the gross domestic product, or about $6 for every man, woman and child in the US every day of the year!

Geolitica has a demonstrated ability to predict crime twice as accurately as existing best practices, making your analysts and officers even more effective as they carry out their jobs.

Geolitica as a Force Multiplier

Geolitica can make every dollar spent on patrol in your department more effective. Proactively patrolling areas where crimes are most likely to occur has been proven to reduce the incidence of those crimes. The figures below show the average time to clear a call for service for selected crimes (data collected by the San Francisco Police Department).

Average time for patrol officers to clear calls for service:

  • Burglary – 1.9 hours
  • Auto theft – 1.8 hours
  • Assault – 2.6 hours
  • Robbery – 2.3 hours

This data shows that reducing even one instance of one of these crimes can free up two or more hours of an officer’s patrol time. In other words, reducing even one crime per shift can add another 2 hours of effective patrol time. That’s like getting a 20% increase in your patrol staff for a fraction of the cost.