Headquartered in the high-tech haven of Santa Cruz, California, Geolitica services police departments, sheriff’s offices, and security companies around the United States as well as internationally. Geolitica was founded in 2012 with the goal of bringing greater transparency and accountability to policing through the use of objective data. Geolitica holds the only patents awarded by the US Patent and Trademark Office for predictive policing. The company is privately held.

Geolitica operates a cloud-based, software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform that delivers patrol guidance and measures officer performance in real time. Geolitica uses data from departmental records management systems (RMSs) as well as computer-aided dispatch systems (CADs) to prepare and deliver missions and patrol recommendations.

Patrol guidance is delivered to any internet-connected device as a set of red 500x500-foot boxes on a Google Maps interface. Geolitica can also deliver guidance to mapping platforms such as ESRI through our APIs.

Geolitica uses automatic vehicle location (AVL) to monitor and measure real-time and historical performance of officers during their shifts. All of the data and analytics are available through a set of accountability and transparency reports that can be used internally or shared with external stakeholders.

The current Geolitica platform represents a significant investment of over 70 research-years of PhD-level analysis, modeling and development. Geolitica has delivered over 200 million hours of officer guidance in departments of all sizes around the world.

Geolitica is currently being used to help protect one out of every 30 people in the United States.