The 4 Benefits of Using Data-Driven Law Enforcement Technology

Geolitica is a data-driven policing tool that uses historical crime data and predictive modeling to identify areas where crimes are likely to occur. It is designed to help law enforcement agencies allocate their resources more efficiently and effectively, reducing crime rates and improving public...

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Documenting and Sharing Your Officers’ Street-Level Intelligence

Being a good patrol officer means you have to be a good observer. Patrol officers observe people, places, things and events. They get to know the rhythms and patterns of life in their patrol areas and they notice when those patterns are broken. Most of what officers see and hear is never document...

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Using Geolitica to Implement DDACTS

What is DDACTS? The acronym stands for Data-Driven Approaches to Crime and Traffic Safety. It’s a law enforcement methodology that – you guessed it – uses data to help reduce crime and traffic collisions. DDACTS was first piloted in 2008 and has since found favor among numerous state and local la...

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