Data is critical to the success of officers in the field. Fūsus was created to provide the right information to the right people and give departments the ability to deploy and maximize their resources in real-time. Fūsus partner Geolitica is a force multiplier in the Real Time Crime Center in the Cloud solution. The mission-critical data it provides has helped law enforcement reduce crime in communities across the country.

Geolitica was founded in 2012 and grew out of a collaboration between the Los Angeles Police Department and university researchers and is based on principles validated by decades of police experience and criminological research.

What is known is that police can help prevent crime while also being well equipped to react after crimes occur and emergencies happen in real-time. Having the right information at the right time can not only help save lives, but it improves the way that first responders disseminate their resources to resolve situations.

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A building block for the Fūsus model is accurate, objective, and unbiased operations for policing. Geolitica makes no association between crimes, geography, and race or other demographic factors or use any kind of demographic information or personally identifiable information. This is a core function for the interoperability between Geolitica and Fūsus. Data given is from reports made by the victims themselves and 3 data points are used to determine actionable information: crime type (e.g. vehicle theft, robbery), crime location (address or latitude/longitude), and crime date/time. That data is then accessible for real-time operations, investigations, and overall emergency response.

This works in tandem with police resources like automated license plate readers, gunshot detectors, traffic cameras, private, connected cameras, emergency response tools, and other technology plugged into their Fūsus RTC3 system. With the data being readily available and interactive in real time, law enforcement can have everything they need on a single pane of glass to react and protect themselves and their community.

Information is based on objective points that minimize profiling and use strictly the facts presented. The software also runs through a CJIS-compliant, encrypted government cloud for the best-in-class security. The combination of data, good police work, and technology continue to improve the way that police departments can solve crime.

“The use of Fūsus with Geolitica provides departments with essential capabilities for their real-time operations centers. We are excited to be working with Fūsus to deliver a best-of-breed solution to our public-safety partners. The Fūsus open platform allows agencies to deploy Geolitica in less than an hour.”

– Brian MacDonald, CEO of Geolitica

Geolitica and Fūsus have a shared mission to provide the most relevant and useful information possible to law enforcement and create a robust public safety ecosystem for communities across the country. Over 120 agencies and counting are able to serve their residents at the highest level. As technology continues to evolve and work together, platforms that can coexist and fill information gaps and destroy the silos that cause them.

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Geolitica and Fūsus will be hosting a webinar for law enforcement partners on January 13, 2023. Please reach out to Geolitica here for more information on how you can adopt Geolitica into your network.

For questions about how to integrate into the Fūsus platform, please contact Scott Woods of Fūsus here.

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