Points of Interests and Boxes Image

We are excited to introduce our newest feature, Points of Interest. Points of Interest (POIs) is a tool for adding your own internal information to the map. POIs provide different styles of markers that are displayed on the main map and offer the ability to attach additional information about specific locations directly to the map.

Why is this important:

With the ability to add custom information to specific locations on the map, command staff and analysts can provide officers with additional context to their patrol locations. You can even add hyperlinks to specific POI descriptions, allowing you to add live camera feeds if available for that location. This can provide command staff and officers out on patrol with real-time intelligence.

In addition to live camera feeds, you can link POIs to photographs, documents, or even other web sites or applications to provide richer levels of detail.

How to use POIs:

In addition to the map, POIs are also displayed in the Data View when it is open. By default, the Data View contains every POI that is displayed on the map, but it can be filtered more by entering a search term in the “Filter” box on the upper right side of the Data View, right below the blue bar.

Data View

Clicking “Edit” allows you to update fields in the POI.

POI Edit View

Clicking any of the markers opens up a window displaying the information contained within a POI. The details view shows the title of the POI, its description, and any hyperlinks that are associated with it (for instance to a web-based camera feed).

POI Details View

Links can also be added from the details view by clicking the “Add Links” button.

POI Link

Clicking “Add Topic” allows you to attach a topic to a POI. Topics and messages allow information to be shared between officers and command staff. Once a topic is added, it can be opened by clicking its title in the POI view. Messages can be added to it by anyone with permission to do so, by typing the new message in the text field and clicking “Save.”

Add a topic

View topic

The search bar in the upper-right corner of the screen provides for flexible searching of POIs. The details of POI in the search results can be opened by clicking on the title of the result.

The entire set of POIs from a search can be added to the map by clicking the “Add Selected” button. By default all the results are added to the layer, but individual POIs can be hidden by unchecking them before adding the layer.

Add selected POIs to layers

Multiple layers can be added at a time to help identify specific areas for attention. Once added, layers can be shown or hidden by toggling the button to the right of the search bar.

POI Search Layers

POIs can be added by clicking the crosshair icon on the left or the “Add a POI” button in the Data View. Once in add mode a POI can be added anywhere on the map by clicking. Once the location is chosen the POI edit view is displayed so that the title, description and icon can be added. Once saved the details view is shown so hyperlinks can be added.