With shortfalls in staffing, even budgets these days, it seems like every department in the nation is being asked to “do more with less.” This means command staff has to cut corners or get creative in order to squeeze every last drop out of their department’s resources – and yet they are still being told they must do MORE or that they are falling short.

The impact of this constant need to stretch every last dollar results in burnout. Add in the stress of a global pandemic and it’s no wonder why American law enforcement agencies are seeing issues with officer retention. But what if there was a way to do more WITH more?

But what can command staff can do to help lessen this burden on themselves and their department? That’s where Geolitica comes in.

Geolitica uses artificial intelligence to analyze the data your department already collects. We help you immediately identify new crime trends and patterns. You can use that insight to fine-tune your patrol operations to be more effective at deterring your targeted crimes. Your officers can spend less time running from call to call and spend more time building relations with the community.

Our AVL/GPS tracking gives you more visibility into officer locations throughout their shifts. This data rolls up into a patrol heatmap that lets you quickly identify resource hotspots by shift and beat over any time period. We give you the tools to problem-solve at these hotspots to see what events are driving the demand for officer time.

Our automated reporting gives you deep insight into crime trends and patterns, giving you more transparency and accountability within your department and with the community. Our simple reporting interface means your command staff and analysts can spend less time generating reports and more time analyzing critical data.

So enough of this “do more with less” nonsense! Geolitica will help you do more with more.

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