Interested in Geolitica’s patrol guidance solution, but worried about the work it would take to get it up and running? With our quick and easy five day set up process we do the work for you and take the stress out of setting up a new operations management solution. Here’s what you can expect during the first five days with Geolitica:

Day 1: Map Files

Provide your maps (KML or Shape files) for your jurisdiction boundaries as well as for each of your patrol areas.

Geolitica Map

Geolitica is flexible to support your organizational needs. If you have a logical hierarchy used to group patrol areas (e.g. 4 Beats = 1 District), it can be reflected within your account.

Days 2 and 3: Data Connection

Create a secure data connection from your RMS and AVL databases via an API integration or a our data relay service. We use these connections to get your historical and current crime data and to get officer location data while they’re on patrol. All of your data is encrypted while in transit and while being stored on our servers at Microsoft Azure Government Cloud.

Geolitica Data Flow

  • Crime and vehicle location data is sent at regular intervals, scheduled according to your requirements.
  • One-directional push from your DBs; we create and test the SQL queries with your IT team.
  • We only pull three crime data points from your RMS: what, where and when.
  • We only pull three data points from your AVL is: vehicle ID, location and time stamp.
  • We do not use or store CJIS data.
  • No additional hardware is required.

Day 4: Crime Type Definitions

We will work with you to create and define Crime Types for reporting and automated patrol guidance analysis.

Geolitica Crimetypes

Categories can mirror your current reporting structure, including UCR or NIBRS. Standard and Ad-Hoc reporting based on Crime Types is available to all Command Staff and Analyst/Intelligence personnel.

Day 5: Mission Setup

Create and schedule Missions to focus directed patrols on strategic departmental initiatives.

Geolitica Missions

  • Missions determine where the automated directed patrol areas are located on a daily basis.
  • Missions can be made up of one or more Crime Types. For example, you can have a simple Vehicle Theft mission, or you can have a Violent Crimes mission made up of robbery, assault, and gun crimes.
  • Missions are applied to each patrol area by shift and by day of week.

And just like that, your Geolitica operations management solution is all set up!
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