It’s no secret that community expectations of law enforcement are rising. Yet, many agencies are dealing with budget constraints and recruiting difficulties, which really brings new meaning to the phrase “do more with less”. When it comes to optimizing your agency resources, your RMS and CAD data is a great place to start.

Geolitica leverages your RMS, CAD and GPS/AVL data to provide highly user-centric experiences for identifying crime trends, optimizing patrol operations, and communicating insights with your community as well as other public safety entities.

Geolitica enables analysts and command staff to recognize emerging crime patterns and deep dive into your data to understand where and when it may be occurring. You can use that insight to fine-tune your patrol operations to be more effective at deterring your targeted crimes. Our reporting and analytics dashboard, along with our real-time patrol officer GPS/AVL tracking, allows analysts and command staff to work seamlessly together to get out ahead of crime and do more with limited resources.

Vehicle Paths

Geolitica’s new custom boxes feature can be used alongside standard Geolitica prediction boxes when you have a particular area that has been identified by analysts or command staff as needing additional attention. They are also useful when occasional events come to town, such as concerts, parades, sporting events or other non-routine activities. If you have AVL enabled, you can use the dosage feature to ensure that both Geolitica and your custom boxes have been visited by your patrol officers. You can also easily see if boxes have been visited, which is indicated by a yellow or green check that appears at the top right hand corner of the box.

Dosage Flags

Custom Boxes

Geolitica gives you more tools to direct patrol activities to proactively address crime and make the most impact at crime reduction. Our daily predictions are easily accessible and can be distributed in various ways, enabling you to share intelligence across teams for better collaboration. You can even design a set of standard reports to run on a specific cadence which can then be sent directly to stakeholders outside of your agency, like the city council or the mayor’s office via email.

Daily Patrol Reports

Meet all of your agency’s patrol operations needs with a solution that can be optimized based on role and responsibility. Our granular reporting features means personnel will have the ability to see the data that is most valuable to them, whether they are a Chief, Patrol Officer, Supervisor or Crime Analyst.